The Number One Montebello Home Rewire Expert

The wiring inside your Montebello home might be older than you realize. Old wiring is not something that you can just ignore. Your residential wiring, if it is of a certain age, could pose a threat to your home and property. If you have an older home in Montebello, it might be the best move to call My Montebello Electrician Hero for one of our qualified electrical contractors to show up and review the residential wiring inside your home.

What Do I Do If the Wiring is Old?

Well, you need to consider house rewiring. If the sockets in your walls only have two holes, instead of the three-pronged kind, consider residential rewiring in Montebello, CA . If you aren’t sure, then be safe. Old knob and tube wiring uses ceramic parts that can break and that were never meant to carry the kind of current needed for modern appliances. We can also replace aluminum wiring or cloth wrapped Romex wiring. None of them are meant to carry the kind of current that a modern appliance and devices need, and that can become a fire hazard.

Is It Expensive?

The price is not something we can tell you on a web page like this. It can depend on the size of your home and the amount of old residential wiring that needs to be replaced. Our house rewire experts can provide you an estimate once you call.

Will You Shut Off the Power?

We are not going to leave you in the dark, without power, for days. It can take a few weeks to get a full home rewiring done, but we move from one room to the next. We can also make sure that we drill small holes to get behind the walls and that way we don’t have to tear down walls and parts of walls to get to the wiring.

What Do We Do First?

The first step is to call the only licensed electrician in Montebello, CA, that will provide you with a free house rewiring estimate. We will get that estimate to you and if you agree with the pricing, we can start work right away. Call today!